Cinco Sentidos

Cinco Sentidos Editorial Cinco Sentidos is one of the largest distributor nurseries of ornamental plants in Colombia. In order to carry out its operations, they needed an editorial project that would showcase the vibrant and colorful life they sell with their plants. more projects See all

El Patio

El Patio Branding & editorial El patio is a bar-restaurant and cultural center located in the garden of an old house in Neiva – Huila, Colombia. Its symbol is inspired by an old tree that has lived there for over 100 years. The atmosphere of el patio is fresh, modern, and nighttime, blending the warmth […]

Little Yogis

Little Yogis Marketing collaterals & Web design Little Yogis is a mobile evidence-based movement & mindfulness enrichment program for kids. Their tagline is “Positivity & Movement for Busy Minds” as they aim to improve physical, mental, and emotional health through our curriculum. Little Yogis provides mindful movement instruction, mental health and wellness classes and workshops […]

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