Bosque Azul

Bosque Azul Illustration Bosque Azul is a brand of skincare products that uses natural ingredients in its recipes. For Bosque Azul, we created various illustrations of plants and animals that were used for their packaging.,27 more projects See all

La Emergente

La Emergente Branding La emergente is a tattoo studio located in Bogotá that features internationally renowned and skilled artists. Due to its growth and new objectives, it needed to redesign its brand in order to strengthen its identity, highlight the artists’ work, and create a unique cultural experience for its visitors. We revamped the branding […]

El Patio

El Patio Branding & editorial El patio is a bar-restaurant and cultural center located in the garden of an old house in Neiva – Huila, Colombia. Its symbol is inspired by an old tree that has lived there for over 100 years. The atmosphere of el patio is fresh, modern, and nighttime, blending the warmth […]

Knowledge Now

Knowledge now Branding Knowledge Now is a project funded by the government of New Brunswick in Canada that aims to teach educators, family members, and friends of individuals with different types of disabilities how to support and enhance their lifestyles. For Knowledge Now, we have developed a visual system that prioritizes accessibility and aims to […]

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