Staffy Product design In June 2021, Staffy, a marketplace in the healthcare sector contacted us to help them design their product, they emerged to enable hospitals, nursing homes, home care services, and vaccination centers to efficiently and securely find workers to fulfill their shifts, and our first task was to analyze the state of the […]


TritonWear Product design TritonWear is redefining athlete limits with a wearable and app that actually guide consistently better training for swimmers around the world. With a Triton Score for every workout, TritonWear provides the actionable insights any swimmer needs to swim faster. THE challenge TritonWear is a system that allows swimming coaches to perform complex […]


Prix Naming, branding & product design. In May 2019, the Chief Marketing Officer of “Mi Águila,” an app focused on solving corporate mobility issues, approached us to take charge of the strategy, design, and product direction of the new major competitor in the mobility app market. The main challenge: The Uber effect. Due to the […]


Roney Product design Roney is a financial control app that helps individuals track their income sources, expenses, investments, taxes, and savings. It employs artificial intelligence to generate predictions and optimize how money is utilized and managed. For Roney, we created its name, brand identity, product design, and website. Naming Roney stems from the blend of […]

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