Staffy Product design In June 2021, Staffy, a marketplace in the healthcare sector contacted us to help them design their product, they emerged to enable hospitals, nursing homes, home care services, and vaccination centers to efficiently and securely find workers to fulfill their shifts, and our first task was to analyze the state of the […]


TritonWear Product design TritonWear is redefining athlete limits with a wearable and app that actually guide consistently better training for swimmers around the world. With a Triton Score for every workout, TritonWear provides the actionable insights any swimmer needs to swim faster. THE challenge TritonWear is a system that allows swimming coaches to perform complex […]


Prix Naming, branding & product design. In May 2019, the Chief Marketing Officer of “Mi Águila,” an app focused on solving corporate mobility issues, approached us to take charge of the strategy, design, and product direction of the new major competitor in the mobility app market. The main challenge: The Uber effect. Due to the […]


Roney Product design Roney is a financial control app that helps individuals track their income sources, expenses, investments, taxes, and savings. It employs artificial intelligence to generate predictions and optimize how money is utilized and managed. For Roney, we created its name, brand identity, product design, and website. Naming Roney stems from the blend of […]


Bloosome Naming, branding & UI/UX. Bloosome is an online retail store for beauty products targeting women, with a focus on wellness and sustainability. It is pioneering by being the first to bring a wide range of products, which are only available in the United States and Europe, to multiple countries in Latin America.​ THE NAME […]

Hyundai – App concept

Hyundai Product design Hyundai decided to develop an app to sell their new and used cars. We design this app focused on create a unique high-end user experience and no like the old-fashion buy a car sites. The result was a 15% more sells than their best car dealer monthly. more projects See all

Not Normal

Not Normal Branding and Web design Not normal is a high-level brand focused on lifestyle and inspired by music, festivals, artistic interventions, and industrial design. Its vibe is aspirational, full of style and freedom; its attitude is creatively daring and full of energy. Its communication is transparent, and its community radiates vitality. The products it […]


Todogar web design Todogar is a company in the real estate sector that is known for the quality of service it provides. Instead of having a list of apartments or houses for sale or rent that they offer to users, they focus on understanding the needs and capabilities of their buyers. Based on this onboarding […]


Devota Branding and web design Devota is an online jewelry retail that combines the beauty of the pieces they design with a zen lifestyle. For their brand, we draw inspiration from hand gestures combined with the mysticism of stars and the sun, along with a feminine and eye-catching iridescent color system. For their e-commerce, our […]

Georgia’s Pet Boutique

Georgia’s Pet Boutique Branding, social media &web design Georgia’s Pet Boutique is the most “woof” pet design products e-commerce in Bogotá – Colombia. Every season Georgia’s release a new collection inspired by a topic relevant for their non-profit initiative that rescues and searches new home for animals in need. 50% of Georgia’s income goes to […]

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