Imagine an app that allows you to request a taxi ride without moving from where you are and with just a tap. Yes, I know it's not difficult, because already exists a ton of them and maybe you have one or two right now on your phone, so, how to make this “new cliché” idea work?
First things first - naming and branding
I found the answer in user experience, and what experience is better than found something cool for the first time? Like a new song in your streaming music service or a new hidden restaurant that just blows your mind, and, what if you earn points with each ride to live those experiences for free? This is Prix an app that uses gamification to make a cliché idea something you can’t live without, and to be fair the naming wasn’t difficult, I just named it with the Latin word for “prize”. The brand was inspired by the bird view of the city, his curved roads and avenues. The letter “i” represents the user, and the connection between the “r” and “x” signifies the idea of going from point A to point B.
Extra info
Services:Branding & UI/UX