Product design

Roney is a financial control app that helps individuals track their income sources, expenses, investments, taxes, and savings. It employs artificial intelligence to generate predictions and optimize how money is utilized and managed. For Roney, we created its name, brand identity, product design, and website.


Roney stems from the blend of “Run” and “Money.” We conceived it based on Roney’s slogan, “the best way to track how you run your money,” ensuring that the product’s value proposition is ingrained in the minds of its users when they see or hear the name.

Brand Identity:

Roney is geared towards young adults immersed in the gig culture, who possess multiple income sources and unconventional financial lives. These individuals don’t adhere to the typical income and expense model; rather, they have investments such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, or real estate. It’s challenging for them to keep track of everything in one place. Therefore, we couldn’t create a brand that feels too distant or inaccessible. The logo employs a bold serif font with rounded terminals, imbuing it with a friendly and playful demeanor. The color palette comprises vibrant shades like salmon red, purple, and yellow. Roney’s tone is straightforward and simple, frequently employing comparisons, exuding a youthful yet professional vibe.


Roney’s user interface is designed to reduce the friction associated with financial transactions. It employs customizable modules to accommodate various user types and offers the flexibility to personalize and include as many components as needed.

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