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Bloosome is an online retail store for beauty products targeting women, with a focus on wellness and sustainability. It is pioneering by being the first to bring a wide range of products, which are only available in the United States and Europe, to multiple countries in Latin America.​


Bloosome is born from the combination of ‘bloom’ and ‘awesome.’ We use the concept of blooming to refer to the act of bringing beauty to its maximum potential by using conscious products that support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We created an identity centered around the typography. We modified the “S” found right in the middle of the word to resemble a blossoming plant, reinforcing the meaning of the name. The “S” in Bloosome is used as a condensed version of the logo. For the colour palette, we used two colors inspired by the diversity of skin tones and a crimson shade, which together generate an attractive, modern, and elegant identity.


100% of Bloosome’s operation relies on its e-commerce platform, making it mandatory to provide the best user experience. We designed and developed the e-commerce while maintaining the brand identity, without neglecting good marketing, SEO, and conversion practices.​

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